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For Sale:


N8644R is a 1962 factory-built Schweizer 1-26B Ser. No.185. 

Complete set of log books. Current annual and flying.

TT: 1734. Panel mounted Terra 720 and vario.  Oxygen regulator and 

mount for tank installed. Current weight of aircraft is 419 lbs. This is 

a very nice aircraft and includes a nice trailer made for the 1-26. 

Currently located at ZPH Zephyrhills, Florida. Worth much more 

than the asking price of $8000.

Call Keith Shaw at 352-777-4429 (no message service)

Additional information also at http://wingsandwheels.com/classifieds



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N1747 is a 1967 Bolkow Phoebus A-1.   She was put back into service in 2012 after extensive refurbishing.  In the ensuing years she has given many members their first taste of high           

performance glass ship soaring, but has not been utilized enough to justify keeping her.  She is a great performer for an experienced pilots, but not so much a wonderful club ship.              

With her stabilator tail and CG tow hook, she can be sensitive on tow, but once off tow she is a dream to fly with excellent performance.  Comes complete with Logs, enclosed box trailer,            

basic instrumentation and tow dolly.  Covers are available, but in need of repair or replacement.  Canopy is in good shape, but fuselage and wings need some TLC and touch-up.             

Flown as recently as Dec, 2016, the club opted not to insure her for 2017, so she is now stored in her trailer.   Last inspection June 2016.     

You won't find a better glass ship at this price.  $8,000 or best offer.    Contact Webmaster@tbss.us



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