Introductory Flight

Your Introductory Flight will begin with a guided walk-around of your aircraft.  Your FAA commercial certified pilot will explain the key features of your aircraft, the flight instruments and what to expect during your flight.  You will then be assisted into the front seat of your aircraft, strapped in and given any additional instructions as your flight instructor straps into the rear seat.  Photo’s can be taken while on the ground (by TBSS members or your guest).

Once you close the canopy, the flight line operator will proceed to connect your aircraft to the tow line, make a final check that all looks good with your aircraft, and confirm that the traffic pattern is ready for launch.  With a final “thumbs up” and a waggle of your rudder … our Pawnee tow-plane will apply full power to its 235 hp engine and you are on your way to a amazing soaring adventure.

Introductory flights are typically towed to an altitude of 3,000′ (weather permitting).  Once you reach a predetermined altitude, your pilot will pull the release handle and you will start a right climbing turn (while the tow-plane turns left and descends).  You’ll notice immediately how much quieter everything has become as you begin to soar like a bird.  Your instructor will demonstrate some basic flight maneuvers used by soaring pilots to locate and circle inside thermals (rising air currents).  If you are comfortable and willing to take the controls, your instructor will let you make a few shallow turns to the left and right.

Introductory flights typically last 20-30 minutes depending on the weather.  You will have ample opportunity to take pictures from your unobstructed view in the front seat, and might even be joined by some local birds looking for some lift!  You will be amazed at how effortlessly your glider sails through the air and responds to your control inputs.  Eventually (unfortunately) you will need to come back down,  and your pilot will announce on his radio that you are entering the landing pattern for Zephyrhills airport.  Your instructor will execute a smooth landing that brings you right back where your flight started.  Your friends and family would have seen the the big smile on your face long before your roll to a stop!

Introductory flight  rates

Introductory flights are $125 per person

Groups of 5 or more  (purchased in a single block) are only $100 per person.
Only one rider allowed on each flight.  Riders must weigh between 130 – 220 lbs.

If you choose to join the TBSS glider club (within 6 months of your flight), you will receive a $50 credit towards your membership.

Gift certificates are available for purchase at the club if you want to surprise your loved one with an experience they will never forget!