Note: Due to rapid  growth in our club size, TBSS is temporarily only accepting Rated Glider Pilot applications.  No new Students or Glider Add-On applications are being accepted.  We will continue to monitor the club size  and announce in the future when we will be accepting non-rated applications.

Are you interested in joining TBSS?  We are always looking for new members to share the soaring sport with new members.  Listed below are the various membership plans and associated fees.   Stop by the field any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday and we will be glad to provide more details about joining TBSS.

What does it cost to join and fly at TBSS?

Full Membership: One-time Initiation Fee of $600, plus Semiannual Dues of $250 (prorated on a calendar year to new members). Future Semiannual Dues are payable in-full on January 1 and July 1 each calendar year.

Family Membership: (additional members in same household of an existing Full Membership) One-time Initiation Fee of $300, Semiannual Dues of $125 (Prorated on a 6 month basis to new joiners).  Note: The first family member will be charged the Full membership rate.  Future Semiannual Dues are payable in-full on January 1 and July 1 each calendar year.

If for any reason the Full Membership person in the Family is no longer a member then the Family Membership member needs to begin make the full Semi-Annual Fee payments of $250.

SSA Annual membership is required for all TBSS categories of Membership.  Regular Members pay $75.00, Family members pay  $45.00 and Youth Members pay $42 per year.  TBSS will collect 12 months of SSA dues upon joining TBSS and you will be added to the TBSS SSA Chapter .    Ongoing SSA membership dues are billed in October and paid in December through TBSS for each following year.  Members who have SSA membership through other clubs need to show proof of SSA membership elsewhere    TBSS members with expired SSA membership can not fly with our gliders, since flying without SSA membership invalidates our insurance policy.

Introductory Membership / Gift Certificates and First Time Glider Flights

Guest will obtain a one day TBSS membership for a fee of  $125 (if rider joins the club within six months, $60.00 of the intro ride fee will be credited toward membership initiation fee).  If you have a group of 5 or more, the intro rides are reduced to $100 each.

Contact a club officer for more information on the club memberships. 

Aero tow Fees:

$1.00 per 100′ ft. plus a $15.00 surcharge. – Example ( A flight to 3000′ ft. AGL at a dollar per hundred feet is $30.00 plus the $15.00 surcharge for a total of $45.00)

Tow fees shall be paid to the Treasurer, Line Chief or placed in the drop box on the day of your flight. Unpaid Tow charges will add Late Payment Fees .

Off Field Retrieval:

$100.00 per hour for a recovery via aero tow.  Time starts when the tow plane takes off from Zephyrhills and stops when tow plane returns to Zephyrhills. Retrieval fees shall be paid to the Treasurer, Line Chief or placed in the brown box on the day of your flight. Unpaid Retrieve charges will add Late Payment Fees.

Instruction Fee:

$20 per hour (one-half hour increments: Paid directly to the instructor.

Sailplane Rental Fees:

There are no rental fees for gliders.  All gliders are available on a first-come / first-serve basis.  Members may fly each glider for a one-hour period unless no other members are waiting for the glider.

Land-out Fees

Pilots who land out at TBSS and require an aero tow can be towed out for a courtesy fee of $60 to 3000 feet. Pilots must be members of SSA.

The courtesy fee includes a one day membership in TBSS.

Late Payment Fees

Per the TBSS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), late fees will automatically be applied to any invoices not paid by the due date:
– Semiannual Dues – one time $50 late payment penalty
– All other invoices – $10 monthly late penalty.